Movie / Requiem for Mrs J. 

I'm foolish and I'm funny and I'm needy. Am I needy? Are you sure I'm not needy? 'Cause I feel needy sometimes. That coat costs more than your house! Look, you are playing adults…with fully formed libidos, not 2 young men playing grab-ass in the shower. You go buy a tape recorder and record yourself for a whole day. I think you'll be surprised at some of your phrasing. Friend of mine from college. He also has a boat tho not called the Seaward.

AD&D: Vjeko Sumic
Film: Requiem for Mrs J. (original title: Rekvijem za gospodu J.)
Director: Bojan Vuletic
Producers: Soulfood Films / Art & Popcorn

Awards: Grand Prix Wiesbaden,Germany  |  Grand Prix Otranto,Italy  |  Grand Prix Al Este del Plata,Argentina  |  Grand Prix Fest,Belgrade  |  Grand Prix Sofia,Bulgaria

The idea for the story of REQUIEM FOR MRS J. originates from the intimate story of a woman, whom it seems, embodies a typical victim of the transition process in Serbia. She is a modest, quiet woman, who avoids interacting with people. This is a satirical black comedy on the subject of the difficult social and psychological state of the people in Serbia today. Their lives are often tragi-comic and absurd. While living in a time of social transition and economic crisis is complicated, dying is more complicated.