Alternative History / 12 Poster Series

A series of posters aimed to be a critical view on the events that happened during the 2010. Each poster deals with a different theme that shook the world in a course of one month. The news and events I picked to illustrate are unique for that period of time and will be actual in the years to come. The idea was not to select some random catastrophe or airplane crash, but to see what was happening in the period of 2010 that is relevant for the whole human race and our planet in general. A lot of media is hitting us every day and sometimes we find it hard to filtrate what is every day media, and what is of unique importance.

This series is trying to capture some of the most significant moments of 2010, and some works tend to be critical, other are aiming at a positive note, some breakthrough that hasn't reach the common man, and unfortunately it never will. So I am trying to reach the general public with these poster to make them look away from mass media junk and to become aware of  something on a global scale that is happening to our planet and, ultimately to human race. (Connected project: Rav Poster)

January 2010  
Nasa's KEPLER telescope detects and confirms the first
five exoplanets in history of mankind. (04 / 01 / 2010)

February 2010  
Two huge icebergs let loose off the Antarctica's coast.
The two icebergs are drifting together. (28 / 02 / 2010)

March 2010  
The two beams collided in the LHC at 13:06 CEST, marking
the start of the LHC research program. (30 / 03 / 2010)

April 2010  
Deepwater Horizon drilling rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico
causing a ecological catastrophe. (29 / 04 / 2010)

May 2010  
Major world powers agreed to impose sanctions and heavy
observations on Iran's nuclear program. (19 / 05 / 2010)

June 2010  
Scientists discover that Titan, one of Saturn's moons, has the
necessary atmosphere to support life.  (06 / 06 / 2010)

July 2010  
Wikileaks releases over 92,000 documents detailing unreported
killings of hundreds of civilians. (26 / 07 / 2010)

August 2010  
Scientists confirm The heat in the upper earth’s crust contains 50,000 times
as much energy as all the world’s oil and gas reserves. (31 / 08 / 2010)

September 2010  
Researches discover the H.I.V. virus Existed in Monkeys 32,000 Years ago,
but uncertain as to how the virus got to humans. (16 / 09 / 2010)

October 2010  
The mining accident in Chile comes to an end as all 33 miners arrive at the
surface after surviving a record 69 days underground. (13 / 10 /2010)

November 2010  
Researchers at CERN for the first time in history, have captured & held 38
anti-hydrogen atoms for a fraction of a second. (17 / 11 / 2010)

December 2010  
NASA Found a bacterium, GFAJ-1, capable of using arsenic instead of
phosphorus in its DNA. “tree of life” parallel to ours is born.(13 / 10 / 2010)

AWARDED: Colorado International Poster Biennale 2011 - FIRST PRIZE
SOLO EXHIBITION: KC Grad, 14.01.2011, Belgrade - Serbia

The process of making the poster involves drawing the initial layout, scanning, remodulating and finishing up the layout, coloring and detail work with some custom made brushes. The typography is custom made for this project, it will be released to be downloaded for free.