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Together with my partner and co-founder (Irina Simin), we run a boutique studio (Metod Studio) specializing in branding and marketing solutions from raw concepts to exquisite success stories. We craft experiences to unleash the true potential of your brand and enable customers to feel its heartbeat. Our markets have expanded, methods have evolved, knowledge, skills, experience and client list have grown, but we kept one core value — We build infectious brands that evoke unfeigned emotions.

Website link: www.metodstudio.com
Metod Studio - We Make Things Better.

Alongside Metod Studio, owning a design atelier in Belgrade. Specializing in Exhibition Design, Typography, Illustration & Art Direction. Each of my projects, no matter if its executed for a specific theme / exhibition / or project, follows a unique working pattern of researching, thinking, drawing, prototype testing and repeating the process as long as its necessary to achieve the desired result. Clearly designing, making and presenting ideas and concepts so the viewer can experience the creative process in all stages.

Portfolio: www.vsumic.com